How is the climate in Australia?

The northern part of Australia has two seasons just like Indonesia, and the southern part has four seasons, they are summer, fall, winter and spring.

How can we choose a good university/college in Australia?

Australia Government has set the standardization for quality of education for Universities or Colleges accepting International Students. University prestige and its teachers might bring different quality. The first step is consulting your goal with us as well as the budget so we can help you finding the best university or college for you.

How can we find the accommodation in Australia?

There are some ways to find the appropriate one.

Some universities have Campus Dormitories where students can stay inside, but mostly it costs more. Another one is homestay that is rented by the local. This option will give benefits for International Students to know more about how the local people live their life. The common accommodation for international students is apartments in which they can rent it by their own or share it with their friends.

What can I do after graduation?

You can return to Indonesia or, the second option is you can remain in Australia for further study or work. For the second option, you can contact us for the details.


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